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31 October 2017 |

Interview – Annemarie Joosen

What role does data play in the brand development of Marktplaats? What is the best way to anticipate the future, and what role is left for people when everything seems to depend on logarithms, calculation models, and artificial intelligence? We discussed these issues with Annemarie Joosen, Director of Marketing at Marktplaats in a new section entitled Words of Wisdom, in which we give the floor to prominent marketers and communication professionals about the media landscape and the role of brand activation.
31 October 2017 | Fastmovers

Impossible Foods – Meateasy

The Impossible Burger is a 100% veggie burger that smells, cooks and tastes like ground beef from cows. It comes from a Silicon Valley start-up on a mission to ...

25 October 2017 | Uncategorized

Philips – Mother’s Energy

In honor of Mother’s Day in Argentina (Oct 15) Philips came up with an inspiring idea to celebrate the energy that moms evince during their daily lives. They asked ...

19 October 2017 | Durables

Hyundai – Chatty School Bus Project

Many schoolchildren in South Korea spent up to two hours in a bus before arriving at school. Especially for hearing-impaired children this can be quite a challenge. With a ...

06 October 2017 | Services

Visit Faroe – We Want Google Translate

Even though there only live about 50,000 people on the Faroe Islands, they seem to have some good marketers over there. Last year, Visit Faroe came up with one ...

04 October 2017 | Services

Visit Oslo – The Great Escape

When Marela and Sam from New Zealand went on a trip to Europe found themselves trapped among selfie sticks in an overcrowded city. After battling crowds in a museum, ...

02 October 2017 | Fastmovers

Grolsch – Awake Your Curiosity Experiment

Awake is the kind of festival that wants to disconnect people from multitasking and let them reconnect with themselves through cultural activities. As sponsor of the Romanian festival, beer ...

27 September 2017 | Durables

37.5 Technology – Cliffside Pop-up Shop

Check out the world’s most remote pop-up shop, 6000ft above the ground on the side of the Bastille Wall in Colorado. At this Cliffside Shop outdoor adventurers could get ...

18 September 2017 | Fastmovers

Corona – Paraíso Secreto

In the heart of one of the most hectic cities in the world Corona created a secret paradise. Stripping away the surrounding concrete jungle of Mexico City, Paraíso Secreto ...

11 September 2017 | Durables

IKEA – The Human Catalogue

Over the years IKEA has used some pretty unexpected marketing stunts to create a buzz around the launch of its print catalogue. But this one outshines them all. It’s ...