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10 May 2017 | Services

Baywatch – The Slow Mo Marathon

In the same week Nike tried to break the 2 hour marathon barrier, in Los Angeles the marathon motto was ‘go slow like a pro’. To create a buzz around the new Baywatch movie Paramount Pictures organized the world’s first Slow Mo Marathon, a referral to the slow motion packed opening credit of the iconic ...

08 May 2017 | Durables

Nike – Breaking 2

For the last 7 months Olympic champion Eliud Kipchoge had one goal: become the first to break 2 hours in the marathon. Last weekend he ran for his life ...

08 May 2017 | Services

Smartpolis Insurance – Car Curling

This is a great case in the category freaky PR-stunts. Russians don’t like buying insurance, but they do like fun games. That encouraged Smartpolis Insurance to organize a tournament ...

04 May 2017 | Fastmovers

Heineken – Worlds Apart Experiment

In this politically engaged experiment Heineken brings real-life strangers together that are divided by their beliefs. After they build a bar together the participants watch a video in which ...

20 April 2017 | Fastmovers

Dove – Image Hack

The photoshopped dream world in advertising images has created a false idea of what a beautiful woman should look like. Dove and its Danish agency Mindshare wanted to change ...

11 April 2017 |

Interview – Joris Hermsen

The actual doing enables us to communicate with more credibility and more emotion for the brand.

03 April 2017 | Fastmovers

Samsung S3 – Watch this Billboard

The problem with smart watches is that they’re universally ugly. Fortunately, there is this exception called the Samsung S3. To emphasize its good looks Samsung Israel came up with ...

03 April 2017 | Services

Québec Original – A Room with Many Views

To show the magic of Québec the tourist site Québec Original invited two experienced travellers to come to Canada for a spectacular trip. New Yorkers Glennis LaRoe and Kip ...

31 March 2017 | Fastmovers

Pantene – Water Conservation Bottle

To inspire its customers to waste less water Pantene introduced this limited-edition package activation in southern California. Each bottle was equipped with a five-minute hour glass timer strapped onto ...

15 March 2017 | Durables

Kia – The Luxury Experts Test Drive

Who drives more luxury cars than anyone? Your first guess might be a duke or a CEO or a hip-hop mogul. Actually, it’s the guy who parks their cars. ...