bBAG – The backpack that helps you reduce carbon emissions

14 March 2023 | Uncategorized

Small changes can make a massive impact on the environment. One of those changes is to have your parcels delivered to a pick-up point instead of your home adress.

A study conducted by Vrije Universiteit Brussels shows that this can reduce carbon emissions by up to 30%.

But the figure rockets to 90% when people pick up their parcels on foot or by bike. Therefore, Belgium’s largest postal company came up with the bBAG: an adjustable backpack designed for collecting parcels of almost every size. It’s handmade in Belgium using recycled bpost materials.

There are only 100 unique backpacks. They will be awarded to people who are trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle. To win a bBAG, you have to change your delivery preferences to have your parcels delivered directly to a pick-up point and enter the competition on the bBAG site.