CO2AT – The first garment that produces oxygen

08 May 2023 | Uncategorized

Pakistan denim manufacturer Azgard9 has turned a sci-fi fashion dream into reality by developing a sustainable garment that produces oxygen. The innovative hoodie is the product of Azgard9’s repositioning that focuses on developing eco-friendly products.

Developed in partnership with the London-based design research studio Post Carbon Lab, Azgard9 treated 200 hoodies with microbial pigmentation. So they’re actually behaving like a plant by using photosynthetic microorganisms.

CO2AT was a limited edition and was not for sale. Azgard9 sent it to key people at major fashion retailers, simulating a piece from their fall/winter 2043 collections.

It turned out to be a brilliant hook to generate leads for denim sales (US$5M resulted from CO2AT’s leads).