Download our new white paper: Rewards Pay Off  

02 July 2022 | Services

Reward marketing is one of the most concrete, cost-effective and measurable methods to increase interest in a product or brand, amplify conversion and encourage customers to repeat their purchases. In our brand-new white paper Rewards Pay Off we share our thoughts on how your business can increase turnover with an effective customer reward strategy.

The paper, based on the 2022 Customer Reward Barometer research by Nielsen, identifies several points of action that help marketing professionals getting started with an effective reward strategy.
We share key trends and developments from our 2022 Customer Reward Barometer research
We discuss the pros and cons of different forms of reward methods
A research-based analysis of what makes a promotional gift effective
The paper is particularly relevant for organizations that are just embarking on their customer reward adventure or companies want to improve their strategy. Download the full white paper here.