The Jungle Cup – A disposable and plastic free cup that protects the rainforest

10 March 2023 | Uncategorized

Every year, an estimated 16 billion single-use paper coffee cups are used globally. All the disposable cups on the market still contain a thin plastic inner lining that makes them extremely difficult to recycle.

The Jungle Cup has a no plastic liner – it’s certified plastic free. The water-based dispersion-coated barrier board combined with FSC paper is truly unique with the benefit of naturally decomposing in a natural setting – for example a home compost heap – in less than six months.

It can handle both hot and cold beverages, and no harmful microplastic particles will leach into your coffee.

That makes the Jungle Cup an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable cups on the market. Besides, it rivals the cost of most traditional bad cups (starting from as little as 2.0 USD-cents). And every single cup used saves 1m² of tropical rainforest through the Rainforest Trust.

Jungle Cup is a perfect solution for large and small companies around the world, that want to stop selling single-use coffee cups with plastic inner linings that are not biodegradable and nearly impossible to recycle.