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The definition of brand and loyalty activation

The seamless integration of all available means of communication in a creative platform to activate consumers. Activating means stimulating interest, trial and ultimately loyalty.

A successful brand activation campaign leads to increased brand awareness and brand recognition. A successful loyalty activation campaign builds lasting relationships with target audiences and will drive repeat purchases and ultimately increase revenue. In other words: brand and loyalty activation stimulate interest, trial and loyalty.


McKinsey’s awkward conclusions:

McKinsey published a report about the marketing profession, from which the following conclusions were drawn:

  • The reputation of marketers is at an all-time low.
  • 80% of the marketing plans are unsuccessful.

This is great news for marketers who are commercial, not rigid and willing to innovate.


Shift the focus!

Go from ‘advertising brands’ to ‘activating consumers’. People now have a greater choice than ever, they can buy and compare all products from anywhere. That requires an intelligent way of marketing. With brand and loyalty activation campaigns not only a market position can be defended, but growth is again possible. And that is of course the goal.


Brandactivation – stand out in the crowd

In our fast, fast, fast society, people get thousands of daily advertising incentives. At the same time, consumers have a greater choice than ever and they can buy and compare all products from anywhere. If you want to increase loyalty and drive repeat purchases, it’s crucial to stand out in the crowd.

84% of the millennials say they do not enjoy traditional marketing at all. If you would like to build a brand and create loyalty, it requires a different way of communicating. Loyalty activation is all about building a real connection between a consumer and your brand. It’s about creating habits and building long-term customers. It’s about creating habits and building long-term customers.


The power of loyalty activation

In the Loyalty Activation Barometer 2022 – research by The Nielsen Company – 49% of the people said they feel more strongly connected to a brand because of loyalty activation. Furthermore, 49% of the people find loyalty activation campaigns enjoyable and fun to take part in. A loyalty activation campaign is a logical (and big) step forward!

Loyalty activation campaigns are the only marketing intervention that stimulates sales and is usually paid by the consumer. Think about in-store campaigns that stimulate repeat purchases by offering a premium. These are often physical products, but they can also be digital services or experiences, such as entrance tickets.


What are the trends in loyalty activation?

The different forms of loyalty activation are distinct in terms of time: short term versus long term. Long-term loyalty programs are about saving. The more you buy, the more points, miles or stamps you get. This traditional form of loyalty marketing is still popular among older target groups but not among younger target groups.

Younger target groups like short-term loyalty activation campaigns that stimulate repeat purchases by offering a premium. These rewards are usually physical products but can also be digital services or experiences.

Instant loyalty activation campaigns are particularly popular among millennials and younger generations. After all, millennials and younger people have grown up in and are used to a culture of instant gratification. These types of campaigns involve giving customers an immediate gift when they make a purchase. Think about a football card or a unique product offered for a fraction of its perceived value.


Want to know more about loyalty activation? Download our free white paper ‘Rewards Pay Off’.

Loyalty activation is one of the most concrete, cost-effective and measurable methods to increase interest in a product or brand, increase conversion and encourage customers to repeat their purchases. An extensive analysis of 48 loyalty activation campaigns in six European markets shows how much rewards pay off. The results show that loyalty activation campaigns lead to and deliver better ROI each year.

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Ultra-short summary

  • 43% of people surveyed say that loyalty activation campaigns motivate them to buy from another store.
  • 57% of respondents say that loyalty activation campaigns motivate them to buy more from a store.
  • 44% of people say that loyalty activation campaigns motivate them to spend more than they otherwise would.
  • Based on an analysis of 48 campaigns in Europe for international customers, we know that loyalty activation campaigns increase sales by 3-8% per year.