The definition of Brand Activation

The seamless integration of all available means of communication in a creative platform to activate consumers. Activating means stimulating interest, trial and ultimately loyalty.


McKinsey’s awkward conclusions:

McKinsey published a report about the marketing profession, from which the following conclusions were drawn:

  • The reputation of marketers is at an all-time low.
  • Marketers are described by CEOs as undisciplined, non-commercial and rigid.
  • 80% of the marketing plans are unsuccessful.

This is great news for marketers who are commercial, not rigid and willing to innovate.


Shift the focus from the sales process to the buying process!

In other words, go from Advertising Brands to Brand Activation. People now have a greater choice than ever, they can buy and compare all products from anywhere. That absolutely requires an intelligent way of communicating. With simple advertising, perhaps a market position can be defended, but growth is really no longer possible. And that is of course the goal.


A reward campaign is a logical (and big) step forward

Promotional reward campaigns are the only marketing intervention that stimulates sales and is usually paid by the consumer. These are in-store campaigns that stimulate repeat purchases by offering a premium. These are usually physical products, but they can also be digital services or experiences, such as entrance tickets.


Free whitepaper

BrandBase wanted to gain insight into the shopping behavior and preferences of shoppers in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK (n = 500 per country). The research focused on the categories of fuel, supermarkets and fast food.
The whitepaper’s findings are based on results from 48 campaigns BrandBase has conducted for global brands over the past two years, as well as the results of a Nielsen study we recently commissioned.


Ultra-short summary

  • 43% of people surveyed say that short-term promotional rewards campaigns motivate them to buy from another store.
  • 57% of respondents say that short-term promotional reward campaigns motivate them to buy more from a store.
  • 44% of people say that short-term promotional rewards campaigns motivate them to spend more than they otherwise would.
  • Based on an analysis of 48 campaigns in Europe for international customers, we know that short-term promotional rewards campaigns increase sales by 3-8% per year.

You can download the extensive (English) whitepaper here.