Visit Faroe – We Want Google Translate

06 October 2017 | Services

Even though there only live about 50,000 people on the Faroe Islands, they seem to have some good marketers over there. Last year, Visit Faroe came up with one of smartest tourism campaigns ever in which they called upon Google to have the isolated archipelago featured on Streetview. Now fully on the map, and welcoming a significantly higher number of tourists, they are launching another David and Goliath mission. Once again they taking on Google, this time because the Faroe language is not included on Translate. Visit Faroe created their own version of the translation service, with the help of local volunteers who will translate live by video. From sheep farmers to school teachers, chefs to social workers, this initiative provides an opportunity to see the Faroese before visiting, and to gain a window on their magical world.